Helping to Safeguard against a Brute Force Attack


Maybe you’ve heard about the recent Brute Force Attacks that have been happening to some WordPress admin accounts.

Basically, a brute force attack is a script that tries to continually guess the user’s admin name and password — it runs continuously until it is successful in hacking your account, and once it’s hacked, the script notifies the hacker who then changes your password and takes control of your WordPress blog or site.

How can you protect yourself against a brute force attack? Actually, there are a few simple things you can do to strengthen your security.

  • If you have the ability, change your username to something other than admin – use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. (i.e. – instead of  “lady123”, use “1@dy123”)
  • Install Login Lockdown, a WordPress plugin designed specifically to deter this type of attack. It will automatically lock your account for an hour if someone tries to log in unsucessfully three times.
  • Finally, back up your WordPress site. I know this gets tiresome to hear…but it only takes a few minutes (there’s even a plugin for that!) You’ll never be sorry you’ve backed it up – you’ll only regret not doing it.

If you are a Simply Amusing Designs client and need assistance securing your site against this attack, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.


  1. says

    Done! I had never heard of brute force attacks but I did just install the LogIn Lockdown. I just hope I don’t accidentally lock myself out. (lol)

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